Shaking Crab Shakes Uptown NYC

Since moving back to New York City from the south I have been complaining about not being about to have crab/crawfish boils with potatoes, sausage, corn like they do in the in the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana.

I have found what I have been looking for at The Shaking Crab. Amazing Cajun food and a awesome atmosphere. The bar just opened in the restaurant and the fish bowl sized drinks are big enough for 6 to share.

If you are planning to go please don’t try and be too fancy and cute. It may not be the place you go on a first date wearing your Versace, Calvin Klein because likely to get very messy so skip the lipstick and the perfume.

Although they do give you a bib and glovesI prefer to eat without them and they have plenty of lemons to use to rinse off your hands when done(Helps get rid of the seafood smell).

What I loved the most is that there were some Swedish Fish Candies floating around in the drinks. The atmosphere was nice and dimly lit and the sound system was better than some nightclubs. It’s just a cool hangout spot and worth the trip.

It’s located at 2869 Broadway
New York, NY 10025 [map]
(646) 861-2152

Broadway between 111th and 112th a few blocks from Columbia University.

Check out the shots I did below and visit them on the web. to connect with them on social media.

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