Catch me on Saturday Night Live with Will Ferrell

I started out almost 4 years ago doing a stunt on Saturday Night Live and the Director’s, The AD’s and The Cast always seemed to instantly click. One day turned into me working there off and on for 4 years. The First time I met Jay Pharaoh on set you can see what happened in the video below.

If I am free they still call me and if I am around not doing anything I still like to go because I get to hang out the coolest people. Every time there is a black host I feel like Imma get that call LOL. (I do). It’s not BIG BANK but I get to hang around cool people like The Rock, Dave Chapelle, Tiffany Haddish, The entire SNL cast, I met Migos on set and I saw Katy Pery Perform Live. A couple of weeks ago I was there with Will Ferrell and it was a instant classic funny sketch. Having the opportunity to work with him and of course Mr. Trump impersonator himself (Alec Baldwin) and a host of others has been fun to watch the entire process of making Saturday Night Live and some of the funniest sketches come to life. What’s funny is not matter how small of a role it is my friends and fans will spot me out of blue and send me messages about how they screamed when they saw me on the TV screen.

One funny Story is when Dave Chappelle was hosting he turned around and said “Damn N!@!# I thought you was Common and was WTF is you doing back there” I should have said surprise N#@!# and started dropping some Common Bars.


I do get a lil erked when I see them do Common on SNL though cuz I’m like dayummm…CALL ME  CALL A BROTHER….!!!!




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