Christian is an accomplished business executive and military veteran turned actor/comedian/social influencer. He is best known for his character “Henry Weaver” on Fox’s hit show Gotham where Entertainment Weekly said “The criminal who stands out the most” . He has been featured on The front page of the New York Post, Black Enterprise Magazine, Orlando Business Journal, Orlando Sentinel, various media outlets and blogs. He has worked with some the top directors and performers in the business and continues to be a rising celebrity and social media influencer.

Don’t let the serious looks fool you that is just apart of his character or brand as an actor. People that know Christian would say he is charming, sexy, so engaging that he can be like a drug and sooner or later you are going to need your fix. Christian is high energy, positive, motivational, funny and often called inspiring. His presence is going to command a captive audience in most environments. He is the guy that everyone wants to hang out with and named as one Manhattanite that you should know by Manhattan Digest.



Christian started acting 18 years ago and when people are astonished that he is nearing 50 years old he often says “Black don’t crack, unless you smoke it” or “Black don’t crack and beige don’t age”  He portrays a variety of characters in television and film including Perps, Cops, Attorneys, Comic Relief, Doctors, Bodyguards, SWAT and much more.

Christian has extensive life experiences that bring depth and layers to each role.  As a family man he is a second youngest of 11 brothers and sisters, a Father of four and grandfather of three. Socially Christian is the life of the party, the guy that everyone wants to hang out with because he keeps you laughing. Christian is one of those guys that knows everyone and has approximately 30K Followers on social media and knows almost have of them. Christian went to school for Computer Networking Engineering so he is somewhat of a Geek/Nerd who loves Comic Book Characters.  As a business professional he is a results driven, goal oriented executive that has as a Vice President in two different companies. He has worked for some of the Top Fortune 500 companies and was voted one of the Top 40 Business Professionals under 40 by The Orlando Business Journal.

Christian studied acting for Film and Television at The Stella Adler School of Acting in New York and grew up just outside New York City in Newark, New Jersey. While in the military he worked in Intelligence with a Top Secret Clearance and traveled around the world during Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield.

For Directors/Producers/Productions

The value I bring to the table is a new and very diverse audience to prime time, cable television and film. I am tech saavy and know social media strategies to help give your mainstream and underground media coverage.

Here’s some recent audience responses

“I didn’t think that show was for me, but now that I watched your episode, I really liked it. Now I am going to go back and watch the entire first season”

“I can’t believe that my son and I have never seen this show before, we watched it again on Hulu”

“Bravo Zulu on your performance shipmate. I have never watched Gotham before but I really enjoyed the show. Now I am going to have to binge watch the first season”


Christian Magazine Cover 1

Christian Frazier Comedy One Sheet



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