The Press Loves Christian

Local News Anchors, Podcast Broadcasters, National Newspapers, Local Newspapers Radio, Bloggers, Cultural and diversity publications all enjoy interviews with Christian. Being a world traveler and advocate for diversity allows him to think and speak from various perspectives. He brings positive and inspiring energy. Christian loves educating, motivating, transforming and encouraging others as much as he loves a good debate. He is known as the King of Fun and people constantly want to just hang out with him because he is a true renaissance man that is a marketing genius but loves to act, exercise, travel, cook, express his creativity in many ways. He captivate and engages audiences wherever he goes with his reality comedy style of storytelling. Christian’s IQ is 120+ range and is constantly learning and seeking knowledge. He went to one of the top schools in the world(ranked second to MIT) after scoring a 79 on the ASVAB test without prepping or advanced level classes in high school. He then went on to study:

  • Computer Networking Engineering
  • Biblical Studies in Seminary & became and Ordained Baptist Minister
  • Studied the MBA Program at Phoenix University
  • Photography/Cinematography
  • Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist
  • Certified Life & Health Nutrition Coach
  • Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor
  • Relationship Counselor
  • Mental Health Advocate

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